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Soaring High: An Interview with author Dr Ben Sessa

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Dr Ben Sessa has just written a novel called To Fathom Hell or Soar Angelic. The story follows the journey of a conventional, conservative, NHS psychiatrist, Dr Robert Austell, as he breaks free of that mould and learns to challenge the traditional medical model. The transformation occurs when he accidentally stumbles upon the field of psychedelic therapy and meets the enigmatic, Californian maverick, Dr Joseph Langley. Soon a small farm in Somerset is transformed into a hotbed of psychedelic research, as personal and social growth emerges amongst a plethora of psychedelic therapeutic wonders. Ben is the author of several novels...

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A Pipe of Salvia: A Psychedelic Extract from Erin

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This is an extract from the novel Erin – featured in our latest journal – the book is available from both the Psychedelic Press UK bookshop and Amazon. Have I slept? I thought so, though I couldn’t be sure. My dreams had been so real; my reality seemingly but dreams. I didn’t dare open my eyes for fear of seeing Charlie; the grotesque stranded in mud. Why did I leave him in the mud? I tried to wrestle back my reasons but they eluded me. Fear, came a whisper from outside my thoughts. Fear of what? I replied. Fear of what we can turn into. I remembered an air of paranoia, waves...

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