Sumiruna Awakenings: Emergence of a New Consciousness 23-26 June 2016

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23rd – 26th of June, Bucharest, Romania, Caro Hotel, 400 seats
7 presentations with special guests * 5 workshops * 3 interactive Q&A sessions * 7 visionary artists exhibiting * 1 movie screening with the director’s presence *4 days of networking
Keynote presenters; Graham Hancock, Jeremy Narby, Jan Kounen, and Dennis McKenna
Dedicated to the Visionary Wisdom and Art of Pablo Amaringo


The Conference title, Sumiruna, is inspired by the great visionary artist Pablo Amaringo. He described a Sumiruna as a human who through their years of spiritual evolution and learning has moved to the highest levels of knowledge and wisdom. He also expressed this as an allegory of the evolving consciousness of humanity.

At this time, there is a rapidly growing awareness of the role that expanded states of consciousness, and visionary art play in the transformation of human and planetary awareness. To support this movement, the Sumiruna Conference brings together some of the world's leading authors, visionaries, artists, researchers, and teachers to Romania, to discuss what can be gained; and to share the latest research and techniques for exploring consciousness.

This is the first conference of this nature to be held in East Europe. In fact it is the first time that the four keynote presenters have appeared together at any event in the world. We see this as a communal gathering for those who share an interest in the growing emergence of a new consciousness, and an awareness of the role that Entheogenic Plants, Sacred Sound, Ecstatic Dance, Traditional wisdom, and Visionary Art play in this personal and collective awakening.

At this exceptional knowledge and cognitive sharing platform, you will meet and participate in inspirational and motivating presentations and panel debates. Interact with visionary artists, movie directors, and ecstatic dance teachers; as well as leaders in ethnopharmacy research, acclaimed authors, and anthropologists.

The Sumiruna Conference will encompass workshops, presentations, talks and interactive Q&A sessions. By bringing together some of the luminaries of the evolving consciousness movement we have the opportunity to empower our personal journey of self-discovery and thus by extension the collective consciousness. At the Sumiruna Conference we offer a favourable environment for individual creativity, networking and contact with others of a like mind.

The keynote speakers of the conference are:


Graham Hancock

Writer & journalist, author of books that have sold more than five million copies worldwide and have been translated to 27 languages.


Dennis McKenna

Ph.D., Ethnopharmacologist and Research Pharmacognosist, known for his research on Amazonian ethnopharmacology and plant hallucinogens.


Jeremy Narby

Ph.D., Author, Anthropologist and Activist, investigator of the traditional knowledge systems of indigenous Amazonian peoples.


Jan Kounen

Director and Filmmaker, popular for his dedication to the Shipibo-Conibo culture and shamanism.


Alongside Richard Grossman, David Slocum Hewson, Helena Baranquilla, Nana Nauwald, C. Michael Smith, Alfredo Zagaceta, Moises Llerena and JheffAu.


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