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Breaking Convention: 3rd Multidisciplinary Conference on Psychedelic Consciousness is happening in July, 2015 at the University of Greenwich, London. The previous two conferences have been fantastic events with over 700 delegates, 100 speakers, and some incredible workshops, and this third one looks set to be even better. It is our pleasure to announce that the Psychedelic Press will be teaming up with Breaking Convention to bring a beautiful poetry book to the event - The Trippin' Spriggan - and we'd like to ask poets to contribute to this collection.

If you were interested in submitting your poetry for potential inclusion in this groundbreaking book, please follow the guidelines below:

- A maximum of 6 poems per poet, of no more than 30 lines each, should be included on a .doc, along with a short bio telling us a little about yourself. Furthermore, please also inform us whether or not any of the poems (and if so, which ones and where) have been published previously. This should be attached to an email and sent to psypressuk[@], with the word 'Spriggan' in the subject line. The deadline for submissions is April 1, 2015, and successful contributors will be contacted shortly afterwards.

- The theme is broadly 'Altered States of Consciousness', but there will be a degree of focus on psychedelics and fantasy, and we ask that you consider this in selecting what poems to send. Tight quatrains to sprawling free-forms of consciousness, all styles will be considered for selection. Emphasis will be placed on those poems that demonstrate consistency and/or an ingenious use of rhythm, rhyme, and metre. It's not just what the poem is about, but the way it communicates it that counts.

Looking forward to hearing from you!

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  • Martin1Wheel on

    Which Dr Wisdom
    At Breaking Convention,with a variety of intentions,
    we’d gathered from all across the land,
    we’d decided you see,that it was time that we,
    took this psychedelic matter in hand,
    with mixed up emotions,we talked about potions of Entheogens that we knew,
    of chemicals & wonderous herbs & what goes into the Ayahuasca they brew,
    of Yage & Yopo or Caapi & Viridis,or Chagrapanga,Chacruna & Toloache,should you prefer this,
    of theiroanthropes & jaguar shamen,& the songs that they sing at the ceremonies when,
    they’ve dosed you or fleeced you,you’ll know which it is,
    Cos this Ayahuasca tourism has become very big biz,
    With each conversation with folk from all nations,
    I totally engaged my sense of facination,
    Of 5HT2A & aliens grey,I found each conversation captivating each day,
    of drug policy & the way that it’s changing,of MDMA & how it’s rearranging,
    those poor soldiers mind’s,those with PTSD,
    Goodness Rick Doblin’s even nearly convinced the American military
    3/4 methylenedioxy-n-methamphetamine,E shrooms or weed as we talked we realised we shared a similar creed,
    Dr Passie,I’m sure found my naughty question transparent,
    I’m sure he knew I was joking,I’m sure it was apparent,
    When over to Dr Simon Brandt from Liverpool I went,
    when he told me about Steven Barker from Cottonwood,I knew why I’d been sent,
    You see the drugs in my head,those naturally there,
    whenever I haven’t slept,well they’re driving me spare,
    I wish to know,as it seems apparent to me,
    That my madness is caused by endogenous DMT

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