Psychedelic Press Volume XXI
Psychedelic Press

Psychedelic Press Volume XXI

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My First Trip - Rod Read

The Much Vaunted Magical Working: Algerian Tripping with Leary and Barritt - LiZ Elliot

The Man and the Legend: An Appreciation of Howard Marks - Roger Keen

Tripping Rabbis: The Impact of Psychedelic Consciousness in the Revival of Jewish Mystical Tradition during the 1960s Counterculture Movement - Hilla Sopanen

Magic and Mystery: An excerpt from Listening to Ayahuasca - Rachel Harris

The 'Imaginal' and the Future Gnostic Scholars of Psychedelia - Adam Malone

Self-Indulgent Trippy Word Salad: Variations on Themes from Tesseract Tunes - Jonah Howell

Cover art by Rebecca Jordan

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