Psychedelic Press UK 2014 Volume IV


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Ross Heaven – Salvia Divinorum and the Illusion of our Existence

Neal M. Goldsmith – Neurotransmitters and the Integral Approach to Reality

Justin Panneck – The Ritual Use of Ayahuasca

Thomas Hatsis – The Dogmatist’s Debacle

Peter Sjöstedt-H – Myco-Metaphysics

Chris Salway – Potential Risks of MDMA Use

Dale Bewan – Psychedelics as a Tool for Directed Self-Discovery

Robert Tindall – Is Alcohol a Spirit?

Psychedelic Frontier – Fireworks

Sam Gandy – Who’s Tripping Who?

Duncan Thomson – The Rise of Cannabis in Modern Medicine

Judith Sudholter – An Interview with Luke Brown

James W. Jesso – Reigniting Awe

Ivo Aleixo – Drug Laws in Portugal