Psychedelic Press UK 2014 Volume V


Sold Out


1. One Man’s Cognitive Impairment is Another Man’s Party: Procrastination, Legalisation and A Fair-Trade Cannabis Policy by Dr. Ben Sessa

2. Mushroom Magic at Crazy Creek - The Welsh Psilocybin Festivals 1976-82 by Andy Roberts

3. Re-habituating Cognition: An Interview with LSD Alchemist Casey Hardison

4. Northern Trips: A Mapping of Swedish Psychedelia by Henrik Dahl

5. Psilocybin and the Concept of Natural Intelligence by Simon G. Powell

6. Science and Taboo in the Study of Ayahuasca by Reverend Nemu:

7. Medieval Witches and Flying Ointments by Thomas Hatsis

8. Trip to Sobriety: Psychedelic & Addiction by Sam Gandy:

Cover artwork by Eileen Hall