Psychedelic Press UK 2013 Volume II


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More Real than Real by Dimka Drewczynski

Dimka Drewczynski has a BSc (Hons) in Biological Psychology, in which he focused his research on serotonin, schizophrenia and hallucination, and on endorphins, opiates and salvia. He has recently completed his MSc in Neuroscience at the University of Amsterdam; doing research on the effects of antidepressants and physical exercise on hippocampal neurogenesis, and on sex differences in learning strategy, plus immediate early gene activation. His main fields of interest are ethnobotany, altered states of consciousness and the hallucinogenic experience itself.

Release of the Black Demon by Mark Flaherty

Mark Flaherty is the author of Shedding the Layers, How Ayahuasca Saved More Than My Skin, which chronicles the years he spent living in the Amazon jungle healing a severe and supposedly incurable illness. Mark now lives in England and works as an astrologer with an international client base. Visit to find out more.

Beyond Castaneda by Jack Hunter

Jack Hunter is a PhD candidate in the Department of Archaeology and Anthropology at the University of Bristol. His research takes the form of an ethnographic study of contemporary trance and physical mediumship in Bristol, focusing on themes of personhood, performance, altered states of consciousness and anomalous experience. In 2010 he established Paranthropology: Journal of Anthropological Approaches to the Paranormal as a means to promote an interdisciplinary dialogue on issues of the paranormal. In 2010 he was awarded the Eileen J. Garrett Scholarship by the Parapsychology Foundation, and in 2011 he received the Gertrude Schmeidler Award from the Parapsychological Association.

A Psychedelic Trickster by Dr David Luke

Dave is one of the five co-founders of Breaking Convention, the former President of the Parapsychological Association, and a Senior Lecturer in Psychology at the University of Greenwich, UK. He is also Research Associate at the Beckley Foundation, Oxford, UK, and he is a guest lecturer at the University of Northampton, UK, for the MSc in Transpersonal Psychology and Consciousness Studies. He is also Director of the Ecology, Cosmos and Consciousness lecture series at the October Gallery in Bloomsbury, London. As a writer and researcher he has a special interest in altered states of consciousness and he has studied ostensibly paranormal phenomena and techniques of consciousness alteration from every continent of the globe, from the perspective of scientists, shamans and Shivaites.

Nature and Meaning in Psychedelic Drug Experiences by Michael Montagne

Michael Montagne, PhD, works at the Massachusetts College of Pharmacy & Health Sciences. Educated in pharmacy and sociology, he has taught and performed research for 35 years on the social, cultural, and historical aspects of drug effects and drug use in mass media.

Reservoir Drugs by Andy Roberts

Andy Roberts is an historian of Britain’s LSD psychedelic culture and author of Albion Dreaming: A Social History of LSD in Britain (Marshall Cavendish 2008, 2012). His other research interests include, listening to music, hill walking, beach combing, reading, landscapes and their mysteries, natural history and paranormal phenomena. Musically, he has been severely influenced and affected by the Grateful Dead and the Incredible String Band among a host of others. He first fell down the rabbit hole in 1972 and has been exploring the labyrinth of passages ever since. His views on the psychedelic experience are (basically) – You take a psychedelic and you get high. What happens after that is largely the result of dosage, set and setting.

Portrait of a Psychedelic Researcher by Ben Sessa

Ben is one of the five co-founders of Breaking Convention, the UK’s only psychedelic conference, and the author of several novels and non-fiction books, including The Psychedelic Renaissance. He is a pediatric psychiatrist and is coordinating Britain’s first MDMA/PTSD study. He began publishing in medical journals on the subject of psychedelics as a trainee and since then has spoken nationally and internationally to doctors in a campaign to see these fascinating substances return to the mainstream pharmacopeia where their lives began. In 2008 he became a Research Associate under Prof. David Nutt at Bristol University, where he consulted for the ACMD on MDMA before working on the UK’s only human hallucinogen study in modern times – being the first person to be legally administered a classical psychedelic drug in this country for 33 years.

The Golden Apples of Immortality by Scott Teitsworth

Scott Teitsworth is the author of Krishna in the Sky with Diamonds, a book detailing the guidelines for the use of psychedelics found in the Bhagavad Gita. He specializes in interpreting ancient myths in terms of modern psychology. He and his wife host a class on Indian wisdom in Portland, Oregon, USA. His website is:

You get Told Exactly what You Need to Hear by Robert Tindall

Robert Tindall, M.A. is a writer, classical guitarist, long-time practitioner of Zen Buddhism, and an inveterate traveller, whose work explores the crossing of frontiers into other cultures and states of consciousness. He is the author of two books on shamanism, The Jaguar that Roams the Mind and The Shamanic Odyssey: Homer, Tolkien, and the Visionary Experience, along with numerous articles on the practice of pilgrimage and the medieval quest. Robert and his wife Susana lead journeys into the Amazon rainforest to encounter the healing traditions there. He can be contacted through his blog:

Constructivism Can Cure by About Yellow

About Yellow is a twenty-something, Cambridge, English Literature graduate and gardener who exiled herself from Britain in favour of Berlin. Her life is currently the broken streets of Neukölln, neon lights, kebab shops, hipster bars and cheap supermarkets. She is learning how to paint walls and grow gardens out of gutters.