Getting Higher by Julian Vayne


Getting Higher is a manual for exploring the use of psychedelic substances in the contexts of spirituality, self-transformation and magic. This is the psychonaut’s essential guide. The techniques presented here work whether you're a scientist or a shaman; there's no requirement to believe in anything other than the wonder of your own neurochemistry and the value of the psychedelic experience.

Getting Higher describes the psychedelic triangle of Set, Setting and Substance. It suggests strategies to hold and enhance the psychedelic experience; from games to play when you are high, through to complete entheogenic ceremonies. It will help you to intelligently explore the territory of both traditional sacred plants and modern magical molecules. Getting Higher is a toolbox for technicians of the sacred; ideal for both novices and experienced psychonauts. Inspired by the wisdom of ancient cultures, and informed by the latest advances in psychedelic science, this book is a powerful ally for all those following the Medicine Path.

Foreword by Dr David Luke / Illustrations by Pete Loveday
ISBN: 9780992808877


Author bio: Julian Vayne is an occultist and the author of numerous books, essays, journals and articles in both the academic and esoteric press. While his name is closely associated with chaos magic Julian is also an initiated Wiccan, member of the Kaula Nath lineage and Master Mason. Over the past 30 plus years he has participated in group ceremony with a variety of druids, shamans and others as well as sharing his own practice through public workshops, retreats and networks of practitioners including The Illuminates of Thanateros. He is a leading contributor to and co-director of The Psychedelic Museum


Illustrator bio: Pete Loveday is a British artist and cartoonist. His seminal underground comics charting the adventures of hippie character Russell include Big Bang Comics, Big Trip Travel Agency and Plain Rapper Comix later reprinted as Russell: The Saga of a Peaceful Man and Russell's Big Strip Stupormarket. For many years Pete was a regular stall holder at Glastonbury Festival, the Secret Garden Party and Beautiful Days. His work has appeared in publications ranging from Encyclopaedia Psychedelica through Soft Secrets to The Idler, has graced albums from Dream Matrix Telemetry by Zuvuya and Terence McKenna to Ouch! by P.A.I.N, and has even been used for bizarre advertising campaigns for Nike and HP Sauce. Loveday attributes his black sense of humour to having spent the first Summer of Love disemboweling chickens in a poultry processing factory, a traumatic experience which left him with a morbid fear of death. Some of his work may be found at

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