Submission Guidelines & Contact

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Journal Article Submissions:


The Psychedelic Press journal is a bi-monthly print publication that features articles, essays, reviews, creative writing, and extensive comment pieces. 


Although, broadly speaking, we have a focus on literature and history, we believe it is inherently vital to have a multidisciplinary approach to these substances. As such we welcome journalistic, academic and personal pieces from across the sciences, humanities, all aspects of psychedelic culture, and most importantly from personal experience.


Strictly speaking, it is the role, function and discourse of psychedelic / entheogenic / psychoactive substances themselves, rather than a ‘psychedelic aesthetic’ that must underpin any contribution to the journal, although we're always open to suggestions. We aim to reply within under a week for all journal article proposals/submissions, and if you have any questions please don't hesitate to get in touch.


We can be reached at the following email address: editor[@]



Please read the following submission guidelines before sending us your article:


- Articles/essays/features should be between 2500 – 8000 words.


- Book and event reviews should be between 800-2500 words.


- We do accept trip reports but they need to have an original dimension that challenges the modes this genre has thus far produced. 

- We're happy to accommodate a variety of reference systems, although please employ endnotes over footnotes, and make sure your system is used consistently throughout. 

- Please tell us a bit about yourself with the submission (no more than 100 words). 

- Ideally articles should be original and unpublished, although exceptions can be made but please inform us either way in your submission email.