Psychedelic Press XXVI
Psychedelic Press

Psychedelic Press XXVI

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1. Editorial - Nikki Wyrd

2. My First Trip: How LSD Saved My Life - Nicholas Martinez

3. The First Scientific Psychonaut Sir Humphry Davy: Nitro-Idealism, Spinozism, and Encounters Alien-Ethereal - Dr Peter Sjostedt-H

4. The Tao of Unicorns - Krizstina Lazar

5. Poetry - Mark Juhan

6. The Candy Flip Papers - Sven Maeterlinck

7. Psychedelics, Empathogens and Mindfulness-based Capacities: A Review of Recently Published Research Findings - Dennis Johnson

8. A Review of The Science of Microdosing Psychedelics by Torsten Passie - David Lee

Cover by Matt Wilson


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