Psychedelic Press XXVII
Psychedelic Press

Psychedelic Press XXVII

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This special issue celebrates 100 years since Ernst Spath first synthesised mescaline.

1. Basil Beaumont: Mescaline Report - Mike Jay and Basil Beaumont
2. Book Review: Mike Jay’s Mescaline: A Global History of the First Psychedelic - Robert Dickins
3. The Song of Pioniyo - Bernard Copley
4. Peyote’s People: Can a Cactus Teach Us about Race? - Ethan Weinstein interviews Alec Dawson
5. Psycholytic Therapy: Past, Present, and Future - Ethan Weinstein
6. The Nuclear Moment - Adam Bergeron
7. The Unknown - Shane Tivenan
8. The Tree of Knowledge Grows in Our Garden - Nikki Wyrd
Cover by Basil Beaumont (drawn under the influence of mescaline in the 1930s, under the supervision of Dr Eric Guttman at the Maudsley Hospital.)


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