Psychedelic Press XXIV
Psychedelic Press XXIV
Psychedelic Press

Psychedelic Press XXIV

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1. My First Trip 1965 - LiZ Elliot
2. The Carnival - Max Schubert
3. The Plant Teacher and the God Within - Stephen Slater
4. The Witch, The House, and Saint Jerry - Tremain Xenos
5. The Salvia Chronicles - Daniel A. Kelley
6. Outside the Lines: A Journey with La Dama Verde - Michael Orlando Yaccarino
7. Note on Three Poems: from Jacobo the Turko - Phillip Bannowsky
8. The Golden Age of Persian Painting - Thomas Taylor
9. Entering the Mysteries - Krisztina Lazar
10. Proust: In Search of Lost Time - Liba Ravindran
Cover art by Krisztina Lazar

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