Psychedelic Press XXXIV
Psychedelic Press

Psychedelic Press XXXIV

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Editorial - Nikki Wyrd

Why might psilocybin-assisted therapy be effective in treating depression? An investigation from the philosophical school of phenomenology - Caspar Thomas Montgomery

Entheoceutical Entrepreneurs and the Resistance to Old-School Psychedelia - Wayne Glausser

Deep End - Tom Larsen

On the Psychedelic Aspects of Vaccination - Benjamin J Austin

Tripping with Tony Soprano - Craig Clark

Kundalini 1970s Style - David Prothero

Book Reviews: Visionary Quests Vols. 1-3 by John M Folak, American Trip by Ido Hartogsohn, DMT & My Occult Mind: Lite by Dick Kahn

Artwork: 'Broken Hours' by Arthur Lanyon

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