Psychedelic Press publishes a range of books and journals that deal with the role of psychoactive substances in culture, science, and history. Our publications are creative, well-researched, and often provocative, aiming to bring exciting new writing and challenging ideas into the public eye. Along with our eponymous flagship journal, our catalogue includes works of fiction, non-fiction, and poetry.

Media/Press Features & Interviews
"Apart from this purely intellectual impact, this realization of specific potential, psychedelics also provided a sense of optimism in that they broke my belief in what I had hitherto assumed were the limits of human mentality."
Psychedelic Philosophy: An interview with Peter Sjöstedt-H
Dream Flesh
"It’s comforting to know that while we flap about pre-General Election and gas on about things like house prices and the economy, down in deepest Cornwall there is a group of people dedicating their lives to publishing tomes centred around the relatively niche topic of psychedelia."
A chat with Cornish psychedelic publishing house, Psychedelic Press
It's Nice That
"Erin was a unique book for me. Maybe it was because it was the first novel I’d read about festivals. It could’ve been because of the sheer amount of psychedelics descriptively ingested across the novel, but whatever it was, I hadn’t encountered a story quite like this one."
Erin: An Interview with Robert Dickins
Reality Sandwich
"People are generally more drugs savvy on the whole now. In the 1950s medical drugs revolution, a whole generation of essentially naive people were told about the extreme wonders and horrors of drugs and they took what they were told at face value. Nowadays, we are able to make more discerning choices, and our understandings are better informed."
Robert Dickins
Beetroot Books
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